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Species in Peril

Species in Peril

Extirpated, endangered, and sensitive species along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park*

X=Extirpated-regionally extinct
C=Candidate for listing as threatened or endangered
SC=Species of concern.

Colorado pikeminnow (X)
Razorback sucker (X) Bonytail chub (X)
Roundtail chub (X)
Humpback chub (E)
Flannelmouth sucker (SC)
Bluehead sucker (SC)
Speckled dace (SC)

Relict leopard frog (C)
Northern leopard frog (C)

Zebra-tailed lizard (SC)
Desert banded gecko (SC)

Yuma clapper rail (E)
Southwestern willow flycatcher (E)
Yellow-billed cuckoo (C)

Southwest river otter (X)
Muskrat (X)
Long-legged myotis bat (SC)
Western red bat (SC)
Spotted bat (SC)
Pale Townsend's big-eared bat (SC)
Allen's big-eared bat (SC)
Greater Western mastiff bat (SC)

Pre-dam insect assemblage
Kanab ambersnail (E)

Old high water zone assemblage

*Studies show that many of these species are seriously impacted by the presence of the dam. However, a lack of pre-dam population data on some species makes it necessary to base judgements solely on current knowledge of habitat requirements.

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Last Update: August 6, 2004

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